Course curriculum

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    2. Lesson 1: Introduction

    3. Lesson 2: Evaluating Your Goals and Examine your priorities.

    4. Lesson 3: Understanding the Basics

    5. Lesson 4: Assessing Your Family's Dietary Needs

    1. Lesson 1: Recipe Collection

    1. Lesson 1: Putting Your System to Work

    2. Lesson 2: Meal Prep 101

    3. Lesson 3: Assess and Review

    1. Lesson 1: Habit Stacking

About this course

  • 10 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Key Take Away

After this course, expect to have 8 weekly meal plans filled with your families personal favorites and your go to meals. With these Meal plans, you'll get dinner on the table with time to spare. Grocery shopping can be a thing of the past. Think meal delivery but, personalized for you and your family.

  • Create Margin in your budget

  • Create Margin in your day

  • Create Margin in your week

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